Monday, April 11, 2011

Rain = Life

Good Morning Everyone,

How was your weekend? Good?

So was mine! Heck yes for great weekends.

So if you saw my last post with the pictures, I ended up completing the packing of my room with the help of a friend Saturday Morning.

Once it was all packed in the van, along with my piano I made my way home an hour and a half later. I got home at around 12:30 I think, actually 12:13 to be exact.

It was a beautiful warm day on Saturday.

Sunday, I woke up to darkness! Now, at home my bedroom is on the top floor where I have skylights, and large windows so when it rains, sleets, hails, or if its windy, etc. I can hear it!

So, going back to Sunday and how it was dark. It rained all morning, and I went to my piano teachers house for breakfast and just to hang out!

I love Mrs. Bookbinder, she's like a grandmother to me! So sweet, so loving, so talented !

Anyways, so yes. This blog is about how the power of rain can bring an ugly brown/yellow grass yard to a beautiful green grass yard.

This picture didn't give it justice, and its actually my view from work :D

So its TURNING green! Yayyyyy!



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