Friday, April 8, 2011

Motivation, the lack of

On Wednesday I said I was going to pack up my room.

Well, now it's Friday and my room is still a disaster with clothes, socks, shoes, paper, pens, books and pillows thrown everywhere. I'm surprised I have room in my bed to sleep.

I wish I had a picture to show you, maybe I'll take one tonight.

So today's blog is about motivation because I have quite the lack of motivation when it comes to cleaning and organizing.

I'm at work currently, and I look around my desk and I can't actually see the desk. Its covered with food, books, magazines, pens, printer, mac, bags, lol

And its like CLEAN UP! but then I'm like, naahhh i'll do it tomorrow.

Procrastination is my best friend.

Does anyone else procrastinate?

Oh well, I'll learn eventually!

So this is my blog entry for now. If I think of anything more to talk about then I shall write it out!

Oh: now I remember.

Has anyone heard of FanFiction(dot)net?

Well, I have a few accounts and if you like Harry Potter, and Twilight then you should read my fanfics!

Twilight based - EdwardCullen123
Harry Potter based - Voldemort's Only Mistress and Mr. Tom Riddle

I am also on YouTube, my uploaded videos are just me playing the piano but feel free to check it out! Username: chapmmel

Thank you <3

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