Friday, April 8, 2011

My Disaster of a Room

Hey Everyone.

Like I said earlier, here are some pictures of my room. I literally JUST took them and is now 'taking a break' to put them on here because thats a lot more fun than packing. And before you look at the pictures - I am actually packing. The clothes on my bed were the clothes on my floor.

Haha :P

Picture Above: Thats currently my room. So organized eh?

My kitchen and table is covered with my stuff.

The bathroom. Yes, all that stuff is mine and more.

I decided to take a picture through the peep-hole. It flashed which is why its all red, but you can see outside!

My door! Some would think I really like Twilight... but it was a phase and the reason I put that on there was because before, my door was really ugly.

My desk (do you see the poster?)

A close up of my bed.

There they are again! Incase you can't tell: Far left is Edward, then the Mad Hatter, Edward, Bella/Edward and then of course Stefan and Damon!

Thanks for reading my post ! I made two today! What a record considering I started writing my blog on Wednesday.

<3 Wish me luck!

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