Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Over a year!

Oh my.

I don't even think I have an acceptable excuse in why I have no posted a blog in OVER a year! 

That is crazy. 

To be honest, I had forgotten about this blog. Haha! It's just that I had a lot of other stuff going on this past year, like my last year of college, moving into a new place, meeting new people, and working at a magazine.

Oh well. Now I can focus more on this blog! I am done college now, I graduated August 17, 2012! 


I'm at: my cottage with my mom doing some fall clean-up chores!
I'm listening to: Something There from Beauty and the Beast
I'm wearing: pajama's
Time: 3:44pm
Date: Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

I applied to some jobs yesterday, which was fun.

My mom and I just went sailing, took about an hour but we didn't go very far. Why it took so long you ask? Well, there was wind but it was about as fast as a turtle without legs. (In other words, not very fast) but we got a good distance, and turned around and came back.

My mom only pulled out the paddle a few times. Haha!

Now my pajama pant legs are wet because our sail boat has no back, so water comes in and out carrying spiders, fish eggs and these weird flying bug things.

My sister graduated high school this past June, and she just started University - today! Today was her first day, very exciting. We moved her in on Sunday, getting to her city on Saturday. I hope she is having a good time.

One of my besties graduated University in April, and now she is attending the same college I was at but at a different campus! She is living on her own, and it is such a nice place! What a lucky girl! 

Speaking of living places, I moved back home and am currently looking for a job.

It's confirmed! I AM GOING TO NEW ZEALAND in February 2013 to March 2013 (gone longer than a month). I'm taking a Contiki tour across NZ by myself.

Is anyone else going on a Contiki tour in NZ around then?

That'd be so exciting!


Oh, I am also re-decorating my room. Completely and 100%-ly. I am repainting it, rearranging all my posters (I counted, I have more than 90) and turning it from a 10 year old boy's room, into an 11 year old boy's room! HAHA! Just kidding (about the 11 year old boy's room).

It's going to be more mature, and be more me because last time I got mine done, is when my parents constructed the whole top floor so I got a new room and it was painted light blue.

I will post a picture / video when I get home and start the process.

My plan is going to take pictures before and as a I go, and then when its all done! And videos as well, and upload it to YouTube!

Thanks for reading if there are any readers out there!

Melissa Francis