Monday, April 11, 2011

Rain = Life

Good Morning Everyone,

How was your weekend? Good?

So was mine! Heck yes for great weekends.

So if you saw my last post with the pictures, I ended up completing the packing of my room with the help of a friend Saturday Morning.

Once it was all packed in the van, along with my piano I made my way home an hour and a half later. I got home at around 12:30 I think, actually 12:13 to be exact.

It was a beautiful warm day on Saturday.

Sunday, I woke up to darkness! Now, at home my bedroom is on the top floor where I have skylights, and large windows so when it rains, sleets, hails, or if its windy, etc. I can hear it!

So, going back to Sunday and how it was dark. It rained all morning, and I went to my piano teachers house for breakfast and just to hang out!

I love Mrs. Bookbinder, she's like a grandmother to me! So sweet, so loving, so talented !

Anyways, so yes. This blog is about how the power of rain can bring an ugly brown/yellow grass yard to a beautiful green grass yard.

This picture didn't give it justice, and its actually my view from work :D

So its TURNING green! Yayyyyy!



Friday, April 8, 2011

My Disaster of a Room

Hey Everyone.

Like I said earlier, here are some pictures of my room. I literally JUST took them and is now 'taking a break' to put them on here because thats a lot more fun than packing. And before you look at the pictures - I am actually packing. The clothes on my bed were the clothes on my floor.

Haha :P

Picture Above: Thats currently my room. So organized eh?

My kitchen and table is covered with my stuff.

The bathroom. Yes, all that stuff is mine and more.

I decided to take a picture through the peep-hole. It flashed which is why its all red, but you can see outside!

My door! Some would think I really like Twilight... but it was a phase and the reason I put that on there was because before, my door was really ugly.

My desk (do you see the poster?)

A close up of my bed.

There they are again! Incase you can't tell: Far left is Edward, then the Mad Hatter, Edward, Bella/Edward and then of course Stefan and Damon!

Thanks for reading my post ! I made two today! What a record considering I started writing my blog on Wednesday.

<3 Wish me luck!

Motivation, the lack of

On Wednesday I said I was going to pack up my room.

Well, now it's Friday and my room is still a disaster with clothes, socks, shoes, paper, pens, books and pillows thrown everywhere. I'm surprised I have room in my bed to sleep.

I wish I had a picture to show you, maybe I'll take one tonight.

So today's blog is about motivation because I have quite the lack of motivation when it comes to cleaning and organizing.

I'm at work currently, and I look around my desk and I can't actually see the desk. Its covered with food, books, magazines, pens, printer, mac, bags, lol

And its like CLEAN UP! but then I'm like, naahhh i'll do it tomorrow.

Procrastination is my best friend.

Does anyone else procrastinate?

Oh well, I'll learn eventually!

So this is my blog entry for now. If I think of anything more to talk about then I shall write it out!

Oh: now I remember.

Has anyone heard of FanFiction(dot)net?

Well, I have a few accounts and if you like Harry Potter, and Twilight then you should read my fanfics!

Twilight based - EdwardCullen123
Harry Potter based - Voldemort's Only Mistress and Mr. Tom Riddle

I am also on YouTube, my uploaded videos are just me playing the piano but feel free to check it out! Username: chapmmel

Thank you <3

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Time

Good Morning Everyone,

I wanted to thank Iron Seagull, BeautyAffair, and Jaci Walker for following my blog!

So in Canada, we get every season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

The first day of Spring was March 20th this year and I am so happy its finally arrived.

This past winter season in the city I live in for school, we got a record-breaking amount of snow! It was unbelievable the amount of snow we got. In December of last year we had a blizzard that gave us around 2 feet, not a lot to some but then two days later we got 4 feet of snow.

I heard that the northern states, like Michigan, got hit badly with a lot of snow. So I send my sympathy to you.

Now that spring is here I expect all of the terrible snow to melt away. SO MELT ! lol

I was at my parent's house last week, and surprise surprise. It went from being beautiful and sunny, to a snow storm then overnight the snow turned into rain and brought in a thunderstorm. Every type of weather in one day.

I look forward to spring because all the dead-looking trees will start to grow again, flowers will bloom, birds will return as well as the infamous Canadian Geese. Bugs will pop out, and soon enough it will be summer time!

I have a cottage a few hours north, in central Ontario and its one of the most fun places to go to during the summer so please Mother Earth, heat up quickly and give us summer!

Who else is looking forward to summer?

-Ice Cream Season
-Bathing Suit Season
-Short Shorts Season
-Mosquito Season (ew)
-Gardening Season
-Swimming Season
-Fishing Season
-Water skiing Season
-Water tubing Season

I can't wait!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Hump Day

Good Morning Everyone,

In Canada we're all reminded every Wednesday morning on the radio that today is Hump Day. Do other countries have every Wednesday as a hump day?

Comment below if you do!

Wikipedia tells me: 'Hump day' is a synonym for Wednesday. The idiom is based on the notion that if a worker has made it half-way through the week, struggling uphill from Monday, that the rest of the week is an easier slide toward Friday and the weekend; the end is in sight from the hump, the top of the hill.

And you all thought Hump Day meant something sexual. You dirty minds, you.

Okay, to be honest I had no idea what Hump Day meant either. So fine, I can't make fun of you... Even though I want too!

I really like Hump Day's now because Wiki is right! Only two days until Friday, which then leads us into the weekend.

However, this week starting tonight I have to start packing up my residence room because we have to move out by April 22nd, and this coming weekend is my last weekend available.

I'm going to Vancouver for the CHFA Expo West trade show next weekend, and the weekend following my friends and I are heading down south for a few weeks to celebrate the end of the school year. Then May 9th, school starts for me again...unfortunately :(

Thanks for reading,
and have a Merry Hump Day.