Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Time

Good Morning Everyone,

I wanted to thank Iron Seagull, BeautyAffair, and Jaci Walker for following my blog!

So in Canada, we get every season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

The first day of Spring was March 20th this year and I am so happy its finally arrived.

This past winter season in the city I live in for school, we got a record-breaking amount of snow! It was unbelievable the amount of snow we got. In December of last year we had a blizzard that gave us around 2 feet, not a lot to some but then two days later we got 4 feet of snow.

I heard that the northern states, like Michigan, got hit badly with a lot of snow. So I send my sympathy to you.

Now that spring is here I expect all of the terrible snow to melt away. SO MELT ! lol

I was at my parent's house last week, and surprise surprise. It went from being beautiful and sunny, to a snow storm then overnight the snow turned into rain and brought in a thunderstorm. Every type of weather in one day.

I look forward to spring because all the dead-looking trees will start to grow again, flowers will bloom, birds will return as well as the infamous Canadian Geese. Bugs will pop out, and soon enough it will be summer time!

I have a cottage a few hours north, in central Ontario and its one of the most fun places to go to during the summer so please Mother Earth, heat up quickly and give us summer!

Who else is looking forward to summer?

-Ice Cream Season
-Bathing Suit Season
-Short Shorts Season
-Mosquito Season (ew)
-Gardening Season
-Swimming Season
-Fishing Season
-Water skiing Season
-Water tubing Season

I can't wait!


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