Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Hump Day

Good Morning Everyone,

In Canada we're all reminded every Wednesday morning on the radio that today is Hump Day. Do other countries have every Wednesday as a hump day?

Comment below if you do!

Wikipedia tells me: 'Hump day' is a synonym for Wednesday. The idiom is based on the notion that if a worker has made it half-way through the week, struggling uphill from Monday, that the rest of the week is an easier slide toward Friday and the weekend; the end is in sight from the hump, the top of the hill.

And you all thought Hump Day meant something sexual. You dirty minds, you.

Okay, to be honest I had no idea what Hump Day meant either. So fine, I can't make fun of you... Even though I want too!

I really like Hump Day's now because Wiki is right! Only two days until Friday, which then leads us into the weekend.

However, this week starting tonight I have to start packing up my residence room because we have to move out by April 22nd, and this coming weekend is my last weekend available.

I'm going to Vancouver for the CHFA Expo West trade show next weekend, and the weekend following my friends and I are heading down south for a few weeks to celebrate the end of the school year. Then May 9th, school starts for me again...unfortunately :(

Thanks for reading,
and have a Merry Hump Day.


  1. For some odd reason, in Australia I never hear people talk about it! Maybe I need to spread it around.

  2. @Iron Seagull

    Really? You must then! Tell everyone you see to have a marvelous exciting Hump Day!

  3. Unfortunately, it's been Thursday for half an hour! Next week! XD

  4. @Iron Seagull

    Oh right :P
    haha strange how time is !

  5. Haha in the US some people say it and some dont lol

  6. I have never heard of it before. Nice blog post!

    I would love it if you could check out my blog and pubicly follow


  7. @FashionAffair

    Well thats exciting! Thanks for letting me know and looking at my blog! I'll definitely look at yours too and follow! Thanks!

    @Jaci Walker

    Haha Well now you can tell everyone you know on Wednesday to have a great Hump Day! I for sure will, thanks for checking out mine!


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