Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hey Everyone.

It's been a long time since my last post, well only 13 days ago but still. A lot has happened in thise 13 days. Let me begin the days on May 3, 2011 which was the Universal Studio's adventure day!

The park opens at 9am but we being smart got there at 8:30, not being the only smart ones it was quite busy even 30 minutes before the park officially opened.

There are two parks at the Universal Studio's Orlando. 1) Islands of Adventure [which includes the new Harry Potter theme park WHICH WAS AWESOME BTW! I will blog about that in a few paragraphs] and 2) Universal Studios Orlando

We went to the Islands of Adventure side first, of course, because of Harry Potter which is the absolute #1 attraction right now in all of Florida, I bet. Now don't hold that against me, I just bet it is since its HARRY POTTER! However, Disney's Magic Kingdom is creating a giant new section that will be ready next year sometime.

So, when the park opened at 9am we rushed, well I rushed and my friends walked quickly behind me, straight to the HP part. We walked right onto the main ride, which is a video simulator ride but first you walk through Hogwarts and see the different rooms and a few characters along the way ;)

After that amazing ride, I went and bought myself the two infamous wands which were shown a lot in the latest HP7 Part 1 movie. VOLDEMORT'S and DUMBLEDORE'S wands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know, you're all FREAKING OUT. I AM TOO! I love Voldemort, incase that hasn't been revealed yet and I purchased Dumbledore's as well because Voldemort now owns it after seeing the latest HP film.

SPOILER ALERT: [skip to the next paragraph if you haven't seen Harry Potter 7 Part 1]
Remember at the end of the movie when Voldemort breaks open Dumbledore's grave and takes his wand or the "Elder Wand"? which is why I bought the wand.

So we stayed all day and went to both parks and had a very fun time.

May 4th - This was the last day before we left and we assigned it the 'clean-up and pack day'. Much to our surprise, it didn't end up the way we wanted. At around 1:30 we went to Wal-mart to exchange and pick up a few things for the trip. Then, we decided to go for some ice cream across the street. Meanwhile, on the way home from Universal the air conditioning stopped working.

At the ice-cream place I called my dad and let him know. He of course told me to go get it fixed because we were about to drive two days straight back home and we desperately needed air conditioning especially because it was 35 celcious or 90-something F without counting the humidity.

So he suggested trying Walmart, so we drove there and they didn't do anything with air conditioning. They have everything but that. Its so annoying!

I called my dad again, and he told me to drive to the closest Chrysler dealership.

We got there and about 20 minutes later they told us their machine was broken and to drive somewhere else. They said its 20 minutes door-to-door but it actually took us 45 minutes.

When we got there they brought the car in right away, and within 30 minutes they told us it was going to take a few hours to get fixed but they'd have it done by 8pm (which is when the dealership closed).

We didn't have a car, and we didn't want to take a taxi home so we decided to wait till 8, oh it was 6 at this point. There was a Walmart across the street so we headed there and got a few honks on the way over ;)

At 7:30 we went to a pizza place and ordered pizza. At 7:40 they called me saying they wouldn't be done the car until around 10am tomorrow...

I'm a nice person, I don't like to get mad at people so I was like "okay." and my friends got mad and where like BLAH YOU SHOULD BE ANGRY BLAHBLAH then my dad called them and got us a taxi and then a shuttle to get back the next morning. It was a TERRIBLE day.

We got home at around 9:30 and we hadn't packed or done anything yet. We finished cleaning up at 10:30 and then we decided to have one last hot tub. Well, I couldn't get the hot water to work so we had a cold hottub which sucked :(

Another friend and I stayed up till 3am drinking and chatting. BAD IDEA.

I hadn't packed yet btw.

May 5th. I got up at 7am and packed and was ready to go at 8am. All our stuff was in the front hall. I called the dealership about the shuttle and they said he'd be there in about 30 minutes. 1/2 an hour later, the driver called and said he'd be there by 9am. At 9am, he pulled into the driveway and we packed the car up and was on our way. We got there at 10am and luckily the car was done. After packing up the van, we finally were on our way at 10:30.

What a terrible two days! It sucked SO much.

We drove up, and then got home at around 4:30pm on Friday (may 6th).

I didn't do anything the rest of the night, I just laid around and watched some TV.

May 7th: I packed for school. I have a summer semester this year and I am living in a new residence that I hadn't been in before.

May 8th: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! We packed two vans full and drove an hour and a half up to my school. The residence doesn't have an elevator and I was on the fourth floor so there was a lot of heavy things to carry and a lot of stairs. Luckily, I met one of my five roommates and she helped me and my parents out a lot with carrying a bunch of stuff.

May 9th: First day of classes! It sucked, but I only had two hours of class!

May 10th: 8am class :( six hours worth of classes today!

May 11th: 8am class again :( and this time SEVEN hours of class!!! I went home though, because I have Thursday's and Friday's off so YAY!

May 12th: I had a meeting at my dad's work, I was invited and it was actually a very cool, interesting meeting. Most meetings are boring, but that one was nice.

May 13th: Just laid around home and had some fun with my mom!

May 14th: Went to my friend's house very early in the morning (7:30am) and we went for breakfast at 8:15 to Cora's! IT WAS DELICIOUS! Then we came back to her house and we made gingerbread cookies and watched Titanic! Then I went home and helped clean up the pool area because we finally opened the pool, and turned on the heat and because its an outside pool we have to maintain it, clean out the disgusting bugs, etc.

May 15th: TODAY! I went back to school at 12pm and when I got back I went shopping and out to lunch with a friend and we got back at around 6:30! Since then I've been unpacking completely.

OH I forgot to mention. When I moved in last sunday, I forgot my laptop so I've been computerless until now. I went through withdrawals. I actually went to the school's library and used the computer just to feel normal again :P

I can't beleive I forgot my laptop.


Anyways, now its 10:15 and I don't have class till late afternoon tomorrow!


Today, I bought a fish! He's a blue betta fish and he's beautiful. His name is Francis. Here is a picture!


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